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Why John D. Fleming

John D. Fleming will relentlessly fight to protect your rights.
John D. Fleming, a Wichita Falls native, has returned home to provide people in his part of Texas with a defense lawyer they can rely on. John’s focus is DWI defense and with his experience, you want him in your corner. His track record of success includes 20 years of experience as a Judge, a Prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office and a Defense Attorney. He knows that every defendant deserves the best representation possible and he’s there to fight for your rights. If you need DWI representation for alcohol or drug related charges, or have other legal issues, call John D. Fleming at 940-252-HELP (4357). When you go to court with John D. Fleming, you know you’ll have the right attorney by your side.

Fight Your Charges


DWI under the law occurs when a person drives or operates a motor vehicle in a public place while intoxicated.

Know Your Rights

You have the right to remain silent. In all criminal cases, including DWI, the constitutions of The United States and Texas guarantee this right. Remember, if you answer any questions, those answers can and will be used against you in trial and in court. Always exercise your right to remain silent when being questioned by law enforcement.

Other Type Cases

I will handle all criminal matters. Even though my focus is on DWI defense, I will handle any criminal cases. This will include all misdemeanor cases, including possession of marijuana, and felony cases as well. With my experience as a felony prosecutor and trial prosecutor, I know how to fight for my clients during trial. You want me on your side.


"John was one of the best judges elected to the bench here in Bexar County, you want experience, talent and passion-- hire John Flemming!" -Christopher M.

Keep In Mind

This is your future which can be effected and you should consider that when you are charged. A conviction for any criminal offense will remain on your record for the rest of your life and can keep you from getting a better job, a place to live, as well as many other things.

Moving Forward

  • Contact me as soon as you can after arrest
  • Make an appointment for a free consultation
  • Never wait until the last minute to call
  • Remember my number, 940-252-HELP (4357)

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